2021 LATT Conference – Assessment in Theological Education
Fifth SCD Learning and Teaching Theology Conference

Keynote Speaker/s

Prof Royce Sadler
Honorary Professor, Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation, The University of Queensland,
Emeritus Professor of Higher Education, Griffith University

Rev Dr Andrew Shead
Head of the Department of Old Testament and Hebrew, Moore College

Although assessment might be onerous to students, faculty, and the institution, it is an essential part of the student learning experience and ought to be integral to it. While theological students are being tested by their academic program, they are also testing God’s calling for their lives. How does best-practice assessment help to shape the theological graduate for their future vocation?

Assessment is an element of Theological Education that touches upon each of the seven domains of the Higher Education Standards 2015.

  • Student Participation & Attainment (Domain 1)
  • Learning Environment (Domain 2)
  • Teaching & Learning (Domain 3)
  • Research & Research Training (Domain 4)
  • Institutional Quality Assurance (Domain 5)
  • Governance & Accountability (Domain 6)
  • Representation, Information, & Information Management (Domain 7)

Presentations were organized (approximately) in these domains, providing an opportunity for papers on assessment in relation to any aspect of the student experience of Theological Education: from Learning & Teaching, through Student Support, to Institutional Governance. Papers may be theoretical, or discussions of practical educational experience, or both.

Through this multi-perspectival approach, the conference explored assessment as an integral part of the learning and teaching environment that shapes future theological graduates.

The Conference papers are available for viewing on a pay-per-view basis. Contact SCD for more information.

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