Assessment in Theological Education
2021 SCD Learning and Teaching Theology Conference

The Sydney College of Divinity Learning and Teaching Theology Conferences are held biannually with the conference papers published.

The publications so far are

  • Les Ball, Transforming Theology: Student Experience and Transformative Learning in Undergraduate Theological Education (Preston, Vic: Mosaic, 2012)
  • Les Ball & James R. Harrison (eds.), Learning and Teaching Theology: Some Ways Ahead (Northcote, Vic: Morning Start, 2014)
  • Yvette Debergue & James R. Harrison (eds.), Teaching Theology in a Technical Age (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015)
  • Les Ball & Peter G. Bolt (eds.), Wondering about God Together: Research-Led Learning & Teaching in Theological Education (Macquarie Park, NSW: SCD Press, 2018)

The 2019 Conference papers on God’s Exemplary Graduates: Character-Oriented Graduate Attributes in Theological Education will be edited by Sydney College of Divinity Academic Director and published by SCD Press in 2020.

Save the dates in your diary for 2021. Keynote speakers, call for papers and other information will be announced later.

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