SCD Press publishes Romans and the Legacy of St Paul, edited by James Harrison and Peter Bolt

13 February 2020

On 9th December 2019 the SCD Press published the first volume in the Occasional Series titled, Romans and the legacy of St Paul: Historical, Theological, and Social Perspectives. The editors of the book are Associate Professor Peter Bolt, Academic Director and Professor James Harrison, Research Director.

This book, arising from the papers delivered at the 2016 Sydney College of Divinity Annual Conference, explores in an ecumenical context the legacy of Romans from a variety of perspectives (ecumenical, historical, exegetical, social, and philosophical). Part 1 explores the imperial and Jewish apocalyptic context. In Part 2 a series of traditional exegetical studies look afresh at well-explored themes of Romans in the history of the epistle’s interpretation. Part 3 examines two aspects of the social legacy of Romans, one contemporary, one ancient. The two studies on Romans 16 in Part 4 confront the thorny issue of the book’s particularity. Part 5 locates Romans in a broad sweep of interpretation spanning select Romans exegetes across the ages. Finally, in Part 6, a contemporary female Gospels scholar presents a personal reflection on what it was like for her as a Roman Catholic to grapple seriously for the first time with the feared ‘Protestant epistle’.

This volume of essays draws together Australian and American scholars from Catholic and Protestant faith traditions in a tribute to the enduring impact of the epistle to the Romans in the lives of believers and in the western intellectual tradition more generally. The breadth of treatment here of the major themes of Romans in diverse contexts across the ages highlights for the reader the real difference that the epistle to the Romans has made to our civilisation and, consequently, its indelible legacy.

The book can be purchased online at SCD Press. There is a lifelong 25% discount for the book authors and an initial offer, if they buy a copy for themselves and one for their favourite library – a 30% discount. To avail of the authors discount, contact the Sydney College of Divinity office.

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