We have a vibrant research culture expressed in institutional research and in research training in Biblical studies, theology, humanities in the Christian tradition, and in Christian life and ministry.


When Sydney College of Divinity received self-accrediting status in 2016, the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) praised our strong research ethos, noting our ‘history of sustained scholarship’, which ‘impacts positively on teaching’, and our ‘active scholarly community’, which exists in a ‘supportive, collaborative environment’.

The Sydney College of Divinity continues to build on its strong research ethos and has a vibrant research culture expressed both in institutional research and in research training.

Graduate Research School

The Sydney College of Divinity Graduate Research School delivers four Higher Degree by Research awards to domestic and international students. The College has one of the largest bodies of theological research active faculty and the SCD Library comprising of ten libraries has extensive physical and digital collections – together they provide students comprehensive resources for their research studies.

Centre for Gospels and Acts Research

On 28 September 2017 Sydney College of Divinity launched a new journal and a new Centre for Gospels and Acts Research. The Centre promotes research into the four Gospels and, due to the connections with Luke, the Book of Acts. It seeks to foster better understanding of these foundational documents of historical Christianity, and encourages research from a variety of methodological perspectives, including historical, archaeological, theological, exegetical, literary, sociological, feminist, and text-critical approaches.

SCD Press

The SCD Press was established in 2003 and offers a significant program of publications, providing a range of peer-reviewed publication opportunities for our faculty, research students, and other academics around the world. The SCD Press is expanding and publishes the Journal of Theological Reflections, Journal of Gospels and Acts Research and Early Christian Studies Series.

Research conferences

Each year since 2013 the Sydney College of Divinity has held a research conference. The conferences have covered areas such as theological education, public theology, and biblical, exegetical, and historical studies. They have attracted internationally known scholars as keynote speakers, and conference proceedings have been published from each conference.

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