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About this college

The New South Wales College of Clinical Pastoral Education (NSWCCPE) was formed in 1963 by representatives of the Christian Churches with the vision of providing quality pastoral education and supervision for those attending to the spiritual needs of all members of our modern community. Since then the College has expanded its membership to include representatives from across Christian Denominations and other Faiths. The CPE movement in NSW has expanded to include CPE Centres at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney Adventist Hospital, Westmead Hospital, The Mental Health CPE Centre at Hornsby, John Hunter Hospital, Gosford Hospital, The Southern Tablelands and the NSW Far South Coast.

Choosing NSW College of Clinical and Pastoral Education

NSWCCPE delivers quality education in pastoral care and supervision characterised by excellence in the development of pastoral carers, equipping for effective pastoral relationships, commitment to reflective learning, engagement of theological reflection on life experience, research in and ongoing dialogue on pastoral care and supervision.

Clinical Pastoral Education provides an environment in which ministers, theological students or other persons qualified to offer pastoral care are given the opportunity of becoming a more adequate pastor by entering into personal relationships with people and groups in various kinds of distressing situations. This will usually take place within some appropriate centre, such as a hospital, correctional institution or other clinical situation, where an integrated programme of theory and practice is being carried out, under appropriate supervision by qualified supervisors. Normally, as part of the programme there is group discussion and assessment of pastoral experience and ministration.

Please note that some courses may not be available for enrolment every year, please refer to the college’s website to see their offering for the current year.

More Information

Information on study terms, census, and orientation dates can be found here.

  • Fee for one standard 18 credit point undergraduate unit is AUD$2800.
  • Fee for one standard 18 credit point postgraduate unit is AUD$3300.
  • Fee for one standard 9 credit point postgraduate unit is AUD$2700.


Fees vary for non standard units including year long units.


Fees are for 2022.


FEE-HELP is available for eligible students

Milton Coleman Pastoral Care Library
Contact Ms Cheryll Bird
Email [email protected]
Phone +61 (0)447 640 698


Milton Coleman Pastoral Care Library is a small single discipline digital library with more than 1,000 volumes in the area of practical theology.  It covers the history of Clinical Pastoral Education, chaplaincy, the various aspects of pastoral care and pastoral supervision. Its special collection is in the area of the History of Clinical Pastoral Education.

The Milton Coleman Pastoral Care Library exists to provide pastoral care resources to Clinical Pastoral Education students, members of NSW College of Clinical Pastoral Education and to assist in the training and research needs of pastoral supervisors and educators.