The Sydney College of Divinity Library comprises of ten libraries. The libraries are spread across the campuses of its Member Institutions and the Korean School of Theology. Where colleges have more than one campus and library, all campus libraries are branches of the Sydney College of Divinity (SCD) Library.

The libraries have adequate learning resources and research-trained staff to deliver the Sydney College of Divinity programs of study for which they are accredited and support the concept of research-led teaching in Higher Education. Most libraries are institutional members of ALIA/LIANZA and ANZTLA.

The library branches operate in accordance with the Sydney College of Divinity Library Policy and Regulations. Though, each library has its own operating procedures and borrowing regulations, it is in accordance with the SCD requirements.  Library users are advised to contact the individual libraries for opening hours, and other key regulations including borrowing, renewal, loan period, and late penalties as they may vary across the libraries.


Sydney College of Divinity students, faculty and staff can access the facilities and borrow from all branches of the SCD Library. Students include all domestic, international and research students. A student has full borrowing rights at the library of their enrolled college. Reciprocal borrowing arrangements are in place to facilitate physical or electronic access, or interlibrary loan, as appropriate. To borrow items from any other branch of the SCD Library, students can contact their college librarian or use their student identity card to access the libraries. Borrowing from the particular branch library shall be conditional on showing proof of enrolment and will be in accordance with the borrowing regulations of the lending library.

Research Students

Each research degree candidate will be asked to nominate as a home library one of the Sydney College of Divinity libraries, typically but not necessarily the library of the Institution in which the supervisor is based. This enables the Sydney College of Divinity, in consultation with the supervisor and candidate, to build up research resources in the topic area of the candidate using the Research Degree Library Resources Grant. The grant is made by the Sydney College of Divinity to the nominated library each semester in which the candidate is enrolled. Sydney College of Divinity Research candidates like all other SCD students have access to all branches. Learn more.

The libraries a Sydney College of Divinity student can access is listed below.

Overdue material

The librarian of the lending library is the contact person for all information regarding the lending library policies and procedures, and users are advised to be informed.

The below information is taken from the SCD Library Regulations, to help you understand the process.

Borrowers shall be notified of overdue material by the branch library from which material was borrowed. If a borrower does not respond to the first overdue notice:

  • the borrower’s home branch library will be notified;
  • upon notification, the borrower’s library will take steps to assist the recovery of borrowed materials or collection of monies owed;
  • the borrower owing money or holding overdue materials is expected to settle the matter with the branch library which is owed materials or money;
  • copies of further communications between borrower and lending branch library will be sent to the borrower’s home branch library;
  • the lending branch library will notify the borrower’s home branch library when the matter has been resolved;
  • the failure to pay fines or return recalled material will result in the loss of the individual’s borrowing privileges at all branches of the SCD Library;
  • examination results will not be credited to a student unless all books are returned, the cost of replacement and/or all fines paid;
  • specific action to be taken against offenders will be determined at meetings of the Library Committee;
  • if materials cannot be recovered the borrower’s home branch library shall pay for the replacement cost of materials. The borrower’s home branch library means the library situated in the college where the borrower has enrolled.


Principal Librarian

The Sydney College of Divinity Principal Librarian coordinates the SCD Library branches to support the educational requirements of students, staff and faculty by providing accessible information in the form of books, periodicals, and electronic resources. This work is assisted by the Library Committee, whose membership consists of one librarian from each teaching body, and is overseen by the Dean of the Sydney College of Divinity.


Our librarians are specialists eligible for ALIA/LIANZA membership as a professional librarian.  They provide guidance to students in developing information literacy skills, such as how to search for information effectively, how to determine what is useful and relevant, and how to find the best resources for particular learning tasks and assignments. The library manager, in line with ANZTLA Standards (2.1.2), is considered a member of the teaching faculty for purposes of reporting to and advising the faculty.


Listed below are the Sydney College of Divinity libraries.


ACOM Library

ACOM is a leader in flexible online learning and has a digital library with over 20,000 e-books and more than 800 journals in Bible, leadership, pastoral care and theology.

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Colin Library

The Good Shepherd College library in New Zealand has extensive holdings in the ecclesiastical sciences, theology, philosophy, scripture, history, the humanities and literature.

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John D. Fulton Library

The NTC library has around 35,000 volumes, 65 academic journal titles, audio-visual kits, videos, and access to the Religion and Philosophy Collection, and eBook Collection.

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Korean School of Theology Library

The Korean School of Theology has libraries in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, specialising in Korean-language resources with particular strengths in Christian doctrine, pastoral theology, and Church history.

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Milton Coleman Pastoral Care Library

The NSWCCPE Library is a single discipline digital library in the area of practical theology covering the history of Clinical Pastoral Education, the various aspects of pastoral care and pastoral supervision.

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SAGOTC Library

The Library collection consists of over 16,000 monographs and 200 periodicals available in English and Greek with specialisation in (Greek) Patristic texts, Eastern Orthodox doctrine and spirituality, and Byzantine Music transcripts.

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St Cyril’s Library

The Library has 9000 monographs and 100 periodicals. Its specialisations are in Biblical Studies, Theology, and Church History. The eBook Religion Collection features eBooks from a variety of distinguished academic, university and religious publishers.

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The Emmaus Library

The ACCS library collection has a focus in the following areas: Bible, Theology, Pastoral and Local Church Ministry, and Social Science for Counselling in Ministry. It has a specialist collection in Plymouth Brethren History and Plymouth Brethren Missionary Activities.

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Urquhart Memorial Library

The Perth Bible College library houses over 25,000 books and a reference section which contains Bible commentaries, software resources, theological resources, various Bible versions, concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps and other study aids.

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Veech Library

The CIS Veech Library collection includes patristics, ecclesiology, ethics, philosophy, works by and about Thomas Aquinas, major collections of Church documents and writers eg. Migne’s Patrologia Latina and Patrologia Graeca, and collections of papal encyclicals.

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