Learning is necessary to acquire knowledge and discover new ways of engagement. Continuous learning is your self-motivated persistence in gaining competencies in order to grow your knowledge and develop future opportunities. It forms part of your personal and professional development.

In line with the SCD Learning and Teaching Plan, we want to see the Sydney College of Divnity faculty further develop their teaching skills/resources so that learning continues to flourish and produce excellence in learning and teaching theology.



Theological Education: following a bird in flight
Peter Bolt / SCD News, Korean School of Theology

The focus of theological education is a person, for you are studying the living God. Because of this focus on the living God, the 20th century Swiss theologian, Karl Barth, pictured theology as like trying to follow a bird in flight with your eye. The living God is always on the move.

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Living Relevance in Theological Curriculum

Assoc Prof Peter Laughlin discusses living relevance as a crucial component to produce graduates who meet the expectations and desired outcomes of institutional stakeholders as well as connect with the ‘now’ of the students.


Online Learning

Video conferencing – set up and etiquette

Dr Fringer shares how video conferencing cannot just be an add-on to how we regularly run face-to-face classes but we must be intentional in how we position the space and interact with students to ensure greater participation and inclusion.

Contextual assessments

Ben Chenoweth discusses the importance of contextual assessments that engage a distance student’s ministry context.


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