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Sydney College of Divinity promotes excellence in theological learning and teaching. Our aim is to keep you updated on what’s happenning in the space of learning and teaching theology so that we can continue to stimulate reflection on the theory and practice of theological education, students learning about God.

Presbyterian Faith according to the Reformed Catechisms

22 October, 2019

Dr Jin Heung Kim wrote the book Presbyterian Faith according to the Reformed Catechisms to coincide with the ‘Refo 500’ commemorations in the Presbyterian Church of Korea (Kosin), in order to help the pastors of this church prepare their sermons.

Wondering About God Together

17 October, 2018

Wondering About God Together, edited by Les Ball and Peter G Bolt, brings together the papers from SCD’s 2017 Learning and Teaching Theology Conference.

Excellence in learning theology recognized

16 April, 2018

Margaret Keyes was presented two awards at the 2018 SCD Graduation Ceremony that recognized excellence in learning within the discipline of theology. 

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