Theological Perspectives on the Environment

This postgraduate unit  introduces the main characteristics of, and causes leading to, the environmental crisis. It seeks possible solutions in light of the theory and practice of an ecclesial tradition together with contemporary witnesses and attitudes. After defining the environmental crisis it examines Scriptural, patristic, liturgical, ascetic and modern Christian attitudes to the environment, theology and the environment, the sacredness of creation, transfiguration and sacrifice regarding the environment, and conservation, education and responsibility.

Study Level




Credit Points



9 credit points in Theology in the T8500 series.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the environmental crisis
  2. discern the main historical, cultural and civilizational causes that led to the environmental crisis
  3. analyse the writings of several theological thinkers and key theological texts, ancient and modern
  4. critically evaluate traditional theory and practice to a consistent Christian approach to the environment
  5. apply fundamental principles in theology to contemporary issues relating to the environment
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