Theological Methodology

This postgraduate unit introduces the in-depth study of theological methodology. It equips students to explicitly employ theological method in their own theological research and to analyse the methods employed by theologians. It focuses on the foundations of theological method, theological research and the sources of theology, theological hermeneutics and theological method, the relationship between history and theology/reason and faith and its impact on theological method, the theologian and the method of theology, and case studies in theological method: e.g., feminist, historical, transcendental, liberation.

Study Level




Credit Points



27 credit points in Theology in the T7300 series or above.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. understand at an advanced level how theological method impacts upon the product of theology
  2. identify the cooperative nature of the theological task and the interrelationship of different specializations within the field
  3. comprehensively explain the salient characteristics of any given methodology: e.g., the relationship it assumes between history and theology, faith and reason, revelation and tradition, or the Church and the theologian
  4. critically appraise the theological method employed by any given theologian or school of theology
  5. creatively apply their understanding of theological method to the task of constructive theology
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