The Sacraments

This unit builds on earlier units in Christology, soteriology and ecclesiology. It aims to develop a basic pattern for sacramental life and show its application in the individual sacraments. It covers the theological paradigm of all sacraments, the historical, theological and liturgical background to selected sacraments and the place of sacraments in the church. There is a focus on pastoral issues relating to sacramental practice in the church and ecumenical advances in understanding the sacraments.

Study Level




Credit Points



18 credit points from 7200 series units in Theology

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Explain the nature of sacrament and explain its significance in Christian tradition
  2. Demonstrate a coherent understanding of the biblical and liturgical foundations of the sacraments
  3. Relate the individual sacraments to a basic pattern of sacramentality
  4. Discuss contemporary issues in sacramental theology
  5. Apply the principles of sacramental theology to specific pastoral situations
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