The Restoration Movement

This postgraduate unit  explores the theological values and drivers of the Restoration Movement. It examines the theological driver to seek fresh frontiers to explore the Christian faith, in new and practical ways, in an effective approach to Christian thought.

Study Level



Humanities in the Christian Tradition

Sub Discipline

Church History

Credit Points




Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. evaluate, with a view to seeking the most significant, the theological features of various groups that throughout history have sought renewal, restoration, or reformation of the Church
  2. analyse specific historical and sociological factors that have influenced change within Christianity.
  3. compare the theological similarities and differences of the groups studied
  4. evaluate the theological emphases of the Restoration Movement
  5. apply the insights of the Restoration Movement to the theological emphasis of contemporary ‘Frontier Thinkers,’ critiquing the strengths and weakness of new directions.
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