The Eucharist

This unit will help students deepen their appreciation of the connection between the doctrine of the Eucharist, worship and witness in the Christian life. In this sense it will help them integrate various aspects of the undergraduate programme, and develop appropriate attitudes and skills for ministry. It starts with the biblical origins of the Eucharist in the ministry of Jesus and the development of the doctrine of the Eucharist in the patristic era. It examines the Eucharistic controversies at the time of the Reformation and considers contemporary theologies of the Eucharist alongside the present celebration of the Eucharist. The implications of the doctrine of the Eucharist for Church life and ministry are considered.

Study Level




Credit Points



9 credit points from 7200 series units in Theology

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a familiarity with the sources of Eucharistic theology
  2. Demonstrate a coherent understanding of the central Eucharistic doctrines
  3. Analyse the issues in various Eucharistic controversies
  4. Make a connection between doctrine and worship
  5. Apply the doctrine of the Eucharist to various pastoral situations
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