The Art and Science of Formation

This course unit provides students with an opportunity to focus at an introductory level on the role of spiritual disciplines in Christian spiritual formation.  Students will develop theological and practical insights into developing an integrated rule of life and an appreciation of its effects for apprenticeship into Kingdom living.

Study Level



Christian Life and Ministry

Sub Discipline

Christian Spirituality

Credit Points




Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Identify the elements and principles of the classical spiritual disciplines.
  2. Explain the biblical foundations of spiritual disciplines.
  3. Analyse the role of spiritual disciplines in the process of Christian spiritual formation.
  4. Apply theological and practical insights to the development of an integrated rule of life.
  5. Articulate ways in which an integrated rule of life may transform personal development and service by using appropriate methodologies in the discipline of spiritual formation.
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