Seminar [Topic]

This postgraduate unit provides an opportunity for honours students to deepen their understanding of, and to be inducted into, the culture of scholarship and research. This process includes opportunity for honours students to engage in scholarly activities and to present their research in progress. Under the guidance of their supervisor students read and report on selected issues, prepare and present a research seminar on the progress of their honours research. The presentation could be at a conference or face-to-face, by telephone, or online delivered to at least two academic staff members and others who may have an interest in the topic. They are also required to report on engagement with scholarly activities.

This unit is generic and can be applied to any discipline or sub discipline. Generic “teaching” units contribute to flexibility in teaching practice through innovations and increase student engagement in learning. It allows lecturers to respond to student initiatives, to the latest developments in the disciplines, and to the availability of leaders in the field. These units provide an opportunity through lectures, seminars, guided research, or other means to engage students with ground breaking research, creative initiatives, and stimulating variations from the standard curriculum.

Study Level



Can be offered in any discipline or sub discipline

Credit Points




Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. defend their own model of scholarship and differentiate between the various form of scholarly activity
  2. describe their personal scholarly development plan
  3. demonstrate basic skills relevant to the implementation of their model of scholarship
  4. present their honours research in progress to others and sustain extended argumentation on the topic
  5. apply their research within the scope of their model of scholarship.
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