Letter to the Romans

The unit Letter to the Romans enables students to extend their critical abilities in biblical research by studying in close detail one of the major texts of the New Testament. It engages students in a critical examination of the English text of the Epistle to the Romans, with particular attention to contemporary issues in the interpretation of Romans. As an Advanced Elective unit, this unit builds on the critical skills formed in pre-requisite study and forms a part of a Specialisation in the Discipline of Biblical Studies.

Study Level



Biblical Studies

Credit Points



9 credit points of Level 8100 B units


B7261 Unlocking Romans

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Analyse traditional and contemporary interpretations of the significance of the historical, socio-cultural and religious background for interpreting the Epistle to the Romans
  2. Expound the major themes, emphases and principal theological arguments of Romans
  3. Exegete selected passages from Romans using appropriate interpretive methods
  4. Integrate a wide range of contemporary scholarship into the critical study of Romans
  5. Incorporate insights from Romans into a range of contemporary life and ministry issues.
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