Major Research Project

The unit Major Research Project builds on the theological background, capacity, and interests of a student and enables an individual student to pursue extended research within a discipline, beyond what is available within the framework of individual coursework units or the focused study of a particular topic. The unit is an Elective unit which, when applied to a specific Discipline, forms part of a Major within that Discipline within the Bachelor awards.

This course unit permits students to research a topic of their own choosing in consultation with the lecturer. This unit is generic and can be applied to any discipline or sub discipline. A “research” generic unit can foster independent research and study skills. It can enhance initiative and creativity as students pursue ideas and areas of interest in the subject area. In this way, generic units seek to provide a learning environment which fosters increased independence in learning combined with a higher degree of student-centredness.

Study Level



Can be offered in any discipline or sub discipline

Credit Points



Completion of 72 credit points in the award, including at least 36 credit points in the Discipline in which the Research Project will be done.



Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Design, under supervision, a coherent project for intensive investigation;
  2. Analyse and consolidate significant knowledge across an extensive range of relevant primary and secondary resources;
  3. Conduct effective self-directed individual research within a discipline;
  4. Employ an accepted method in determining an independent solution of a specific problem under investigation;
  5. Produce a recommendation for the practical application of the findings of the research.
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