Relational Health in Spiritual Formation

This advanced graduate unit examines the theory and practice of developing healthy relationships. It offers the capacity to critique the health of relationships and reflect on the critical connection between relational health & ones spiritual formation. It discusses relational theory and spirituality, Christian virtue development, emotional, social and contemplative intelligence, sexuality and spirituality, a Trinitarian model of relationship, analysis of personal relationships habits at home, at work, at church with God, and skills to improve relationships: spiritual autobiography, accountability and journaling.

Study Level



Christian Life and Ministry

Sub Discipline

Christian Spirituality

Credit Points



S8501 Formation in Christian Leadership.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate advanced knowledge of established theories on relational wellbeing and how relational wellbeing colours ones view of self, others and God
  2. apply knowledge of contemporary research and perspectives on how Christian virtues build relational wellbeing
  3. critically reflect on personal relating habits
  4. using advanced communication skills and applying established theories, articulate one’s formational life story highlighting how key relationships influenced faith development
  5. apply the research and utilize communication skills to enhance the wellbeing of all present relationships including ones relationship with God.
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