Psychology and Leadership

This postgraduate unit  provides a better understanding of the role psychology can play in developing leadership competencies. It is an introduction to psychological problems. It also considers cultivating a psychologically healthy team, self-care, compassion fatigue and burnout, leader and staff development including intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, and spiritual quotient, emotional quotient and flexible leadership, and evidence based research and practice.

Study Level



Christian Life and Ministry

Sub Discipline

Pastoral Counselling

Credit Points




Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate an ability to undertake appropriate self-appraisal and to develop a plan to improve emotional intelligence in their leadership style
  2. critically evaluate various psychological issues that potentially affect the life of the leader and staff members, with particular emphasis on the effects of stress on the performance of leaders
  3. critically evaluate self and staff in terms of multiple intelligences
  4. demonstrate thorough knowledge of the role of group dynamics and negotiating skills in regard to team building
  5. care for staff by making informed, appropriate, and timely decisions and referrals.
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