Patristic Profile

Building on T8581 Church Fathers: An Introduction, This postgraduate unit  advances the study of the patristic phenomenon within a complex theological, spiritual, literary and historical framework. It enables an appreciation, by way of a detailed study of the available resources, the personality and legacy of a given Church Fathers. It utilises biography, bibliography and the historical, theological and cultural context. It examines the main contributions, the traditional reception and the status quaestionis in contemporary scholarship.

Study Level




Credit Points



18 cps in Theology units including T8581 Church Fathers: An Introduction

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. appreciate the personality and understand the historical context of this Church Father
  2. display a profound knowledge of the selected writings of this Church Father, together with the relevant developments in scholarship
  3. evaluate the place of this Church Father within the broader patristic phenomenon
  4. critically analyse the selected writings of this Church Father within the framework of relevant scholarship
  5. assess the relevance of this Church Father to contemporary Christian experience
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