Patristic Perspectives on Science and Theology

Rather than building on a foundation of science, the unit Patristic Perspectives on Science and Theology will build on T8581 Church Fathers: An Introduction. This graduate course unit addresses the interface between science and theology from the viewpoint of patristic tradition. It assists students to appreciate the significance of patristic studies for the current debates in the field of science and theology.

Study Level




Sub Discipline

Systematic Theology

Credit Points



At least one unit in patristic studies at an undergraduate level or T8581 Church Fathers: An Introduction



Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Appraise the contexts in which patristic attitudes toward science emerged
  2. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the main writings and themes pertaining to the patristic approaches to science, and of their assessment in contemporary scholarship
  3. Analyse the main patristic themes and writings relevant to the science-theology interface
  4. Reflect critically on the position of patristic attitudes toward science within the broader tradition of the Church Fathers
  5. Contextualise and critique the relevance of patristic contributions to the contemporary field of science and theology.
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