Mary: Disciple and Symbol of the Church

This postgraduate unit  addresses the foundational sources of Marian theology within an ecclesial context. It explores influences of history, culture, and contemporary hermeneutical approaches to the theology of Mary, and considers the ecumenical significance of Marian doctrine and dogma. It considers relevant biblical texts and Vatican documents, it reviews the history of the development of Marian doctrine with critical assessment of the relationship between popular devotion and theological reflection. It critically analyses the Marian dogmas, and of traditional doctrines issuing from honorific titles, considers contemporary ecumenical concerns, issues and dialogue regarding Mary.

Study Level




Credit Points



27 credit points in Theology in the T7300 series.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. demonstrate a thorough knowledge of biblical and patristic sources and methods employed in marian theology
  2. demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the development and interpretation of Marian theology from its Christological and ecclesiological contexts
  3. analyse and critique theological writing addressing the role of Mary in the Church
  4. critically reflect on contemporary issues associated with ecumenism and feminism
  5. understand and articulate the significance of the paradigm shift from a ‘high’ to a ‘from below’  theology of Mary for Christian discipleship
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