Major Questions in Christology

This postgraduate unit  builds upon prior theological learning via a study of significant questions in Christology. It has content pertinent to the specific focus. For example, the relevance of Historical Jesus studies for theology, a specific theologian’s Christological writings, questions around the consciousness of Christ, and political Christology.

Study Level




Sub Discipline

Systematic Theology

Credit Points



T7231 The Person and Work of Christ or T8531 Christology and soteriology or equivalent.



Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. thoroughly understand the social and cultural forces that give rise to major questions in Christology
  2. discern at an advanced level the philosophical and anthropological complexion/underpinnings of major questions in Christology
  3. demonstrate intimate familiarity with a range of advanced theological/philosophical literature that is pertinent to major questions in Christology
  4. employ their understanding of major question in Christology to contribute to current debates in theology
  5. produce graduate-level research that is focussed on a major question in Christology that demonstrates advanced analytical skills
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