Liturgical Sources

This postgraduate unit  provides an appreciation of the extent to which modern liturgy has drawn on ancient liturgical sources in order to revitalize and deepen worship experiences. It discusses hermeneutical approaches to liturgical texts, the history of liturgical texts and current critical editions, continuity with the past and preserving a heritage for the future across denominational traditions, liturgical sources as a guide to Christian formation and Christian community, and the analysis of liturgical performance

Study Level




Sub Discipline

Worship and Liturgy

Credit Points



9 credit points in Worship and Liturgy.



Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. distinguish between critical editions of liturgical texts: prayers, lectionaries, rites, rubrics, music and performance
  2. analyse the extent to which the Liturgical Movement brought vitality, diversity, and depth to contemporary worship
  3. develop and apply tools and methods for the critical analysis of liturgical texts
  4. distinguish between primary and secondary sources and use them appropriately
  5. critically appraise research in the field of liturgical performance
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