Justice, Human Life and Society

This unit examines the ethical issues of human community, sociality and globalisation, with special focus on the requirements of social justice. It investigates society, culture and social change, the historical development of Catholic social teaching, key principles of Catholic social teaching and political theology, theories of distributive justice, the relationships between Church, the State and Society generally. It also considers issues of globalisation and human solidarity, the relationship between ethical issues concerning human life and the ethics of life in society, the physical and human environment, and social justice and individual human rights.

Study Level




Sub Discipline

Christian Ethics

Credit Points



E7100 Sources and Principles of Christian Ethics or E7200 Methods in Christian Ethics.



Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. outline the historical development of the Catholic Church’s social teaching
  2. explain the key principles of Catholic social ethics
  3. situate the virtue of justice in relation to the other virtues, moral and theological, and the relationship between the different kinds of justice.
  4. evaluate the ethical dimensions of current social and professional activities
  5. apply the principles of Catholic social teaching to a contested contemporary issue.
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