Issues in [Topic]

The unit Issues in [Topic] CALD provides students with an opportunity to focus at some depth on an area (the [Topic] of the unit) within a discipline or subdiscipline that is not available elsewhere in the curriculum.  The particular topic might include: an examination of contemporary themes or current issues in the discipline; exploration of developments in research and theory; a consideration of the implications of developments in research and theory to a broad range of issues of current concern to Christian life, ministry or theology; an opportunity to learn new theories and skills and to apply them in practical or simulated circumstances within the students’ cultural context.

This unit is available only to candidates enrolled in the BTh/BMin (CALD Stream).

This unit is generic and can be applied to any discipline or sub-discipline. Generic “teaching” units contribute to flexibility in teaching practice through innovations and increase student engagement in learning. It allows lecturers to respond to student initiatives, to the latest developments in the disciplines, and to the availability of leaders in the field. These units provide an opportunity through lectures, seminars, guided research, or other means to engage students with groundbreaking research, creative initiatives, and stimulating variations from the standard curriculum.


Study Level



Can be offered in any discipline or sub discipline

Credit Points



9 credit points in Discipline in focus



Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Identify for themselves a question to be posed or a topic to be investigated in the particular subject area
  2. Demonstrate a good knowledge of the area chosen for consideration
  3. Analyse in some depth a range of primary and secondary literature dealing with the issue, including any academic literature on the topic from the students’ specific cultural context.
  4. Evaluate the issue using the methodologies appropriate to the subject area
  5. Apply the results of their study to enrich Christian life and ministry, particularly with respect to the students’ own cultural context.
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