Introduction to the New Testament

The unit Introduction to the New Testament introduces students to the critical study of the New Testament, its literary forms, historical and cultural contexts, and theological themes. It provides a solid foundation for further biblical and theological study and forms part of a Specialisation in the Discipline of Biblical Studies.

Study Level



Biblical Studies

Credit Points





B5001 Survey of the Bible; B5050 Survey of the New Testament;
B8101 Biblical Studies Introduction; B7101 Introduction to Biblical Studies;
B7150 Introduction to the New Testament

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Analyse the major narratives, themes and structures of the books of the New Testament
  2. Assess the significance of the main historical, social and cultural factors that provided the context of the composition of the New Testament
  3. Integrate significant secondary literature into a formal critical essay on the text of the New Testament
  4. Utilise skills of historical-critical exegesis in the interpretation of New Testament texts
  5. Apply insights from their study to Christian life and ministry within a range of contexts.
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