Introduction to Cross-Cultural Mission

This unit explores worldview and intercultural communication from theological and practical perspectives. It examines the biblical precedents for cross-cultural mission, develops a theology of cross-cultural ministry and mission, provides an understanding of culture and worldview, models of culture types, identifies personal culture and worldview, culture shock and reverse culture shock, communication theory: dangers of miscommunication, aspects of cross-cultural communication, including language and non-verbal communication; influence of social structures on communication; relationship of medium and message; and the distinction between form and function church and culture and contextualisation, indigenisation and enculturation in cross-cultural ministry and mission.

Study Level



Christian Life and Ministry

Sub Discipline


Credit Points




Learning Outcomes

  1. explain the concept of culture and foundational principles of cross-cultural communication
  2. demonstrate a broad understanding of the theological and theoretical foundations of cross cultural ministry
  3. evidence developing skill in analysing cross-cultural situations and discerning underlying assumptions and values
  4. develop strategies to cope with the complexities of cross-cultural ministry or mission
  5. apply a growing understanding of culture and worldview to the communication of Christian faith across cultural barriers.
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