Interpreting the Psalms

The advanced unit Interpreting the Psalms builds on the student’s prior learning by way of the Psalms and biblical poetry in general. It examines and analyses the relationship between the Psalms, temple theology, and worship in ancient Israel. This unit builds on the critical skills formed in pre-requisite study and forms a part of a Specialisation in the Discipline of Biblical Studies.


Study Level



Biblical Studies

Credit Points



9 credit points of Level 8100 B units



Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an advanced knowledge of the techniques of biblical poetry and how these inform the structure of the Psalms and the Psalter as a whole.
  2. Analyse the historical, cultural, and religious background to the Psalms.
  3. Critically evaluate significant secondary literature on biblical poetry and the Psalms.
  4. Carry out an advanced exegesis of select Psalms.
  5. Apply and communicate the insights gained about the Psalms to ministry and worship.
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