Focused Study in Trinitarian Theology

The purpose of This postgraduate unit  is to build upon prior theological learning via a study of a significant issue in Trinitarian theology. The content is pertinent to the specific focus area. For example, beyond the Filioque divide, a specific theologian’s Trinitarian writings, an attempt towards a synthesis between the theological terms ousia, prosopon and energeia.

Study Level




Credit Points



9 credit points in Theology in the T8500 series.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. display a perceptive knowledge of the broader historico-theological framework that give rise to major issues in Trinitarian theology
  2. display a profound knowledge of the issue under examination together with the relevant developments in scholarship
  3. evaluate recent scholarship on the Trinitarian question
  4. critically analyse the manner in which many questions in Trinitarian theology hold social implications
  5. compose a graduate-level research paper focused on a major question in Trinitarian theology that demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the relevant literature and developed analytical skills
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