Creation and Fulfilment

This unit provides an understanding of creation theology and eschatology, focusing upon their interrelations. It examines the biblical foundations of creation theology and eschatology, the development of the doctrine of creatio ex nihilo, the relationship of science and theology. It also investigates theodicy and the problem of evil, the redemption of creation, eschatology as ‘realised’ and ‘future’, and death, the afterlife, the end of all things.

Study Level




Credit Points



9 credit points from 7200 series units in Theology.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this unit students will be able to demonstrate:

  1. A knowledge of the source-texts that ground creation theology and eschatology
  2. An understanding of contemporary creation theology and eschatology
  3. The ability to discern the relevance of scientific insights for the theology of creation and eschatology
  4. The ability to relate their understanding of creation theology to the Christian vision of human fulfilment
  5. Demonstrate that creation theology and eschatology inform Christian praxis
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