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When publishing with SCD Press you are joining some of the most well-respected and highly-regarded scholars, both nationally and internationally. We are committed to promoting a theologically literate membership of the Church and serving the needs of academics, students and the Christian community. With an emphasis on recent research, we publish works of the highest scholarly standard, works that will make a valuable and lasting contribution to the field in which they are published. Our publications are available through our online SCD Press Shop.

Who should submit

The SCD Press publishes peer-reviewed articles, work by academic authors and researchers, Sydney College of Divinity research student thesis, and material in the disciplines of theology, Biblical studies, humanities in the Christian tradition and Christian life and ministry. If your work is in one of the areas that we publish, we would welcome the opportunity to look at your proposal.

How to submit

The first step towards publication is to submit a proposal. Format your submission in accordance with the SCD Press style guide. You can email your proposal or an expression of interest to

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