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The SCD Press publishes a range of publications. Some are listed here.

CGAR Series 

The CGAR series are publications from the Centre for Gospels and Acts Research, launched by the Sydney College of Divinity on 28 September 2017.  It promotes research into the Gospels and Acts from a variety of methodological perspectives.

Early Christian Studies Series

Early Christian Studies was previously published by the Australian Catholic University and St Pauls, Sydney. SCD Press now publishes and manages the ongoing sales of this important monograph series.

Journal of Gospels and Acts Research

The Journal of Gospels and Acts Research publishes research into the four Gospels and, due to the connections with Luke, the Book of Acts.  The first Journal was published in 2017 and is considered among the first of its kind where peer-reviewed published articles are dedicated entirely to the Gospels and the Book of Acts.

Journal of Theological Reflections

The Journal of Theological Reflections is the academic journal of the Sydney College of Divinity Korean School of Theology. Articles may be in Korean or English. The first volume was published in 2013. It is intended that the Journal will be an annual publication, though its first three publications were biennially published.

Learning and Teaching Theology Series

The LATT series are publications from the SCD Learning and Teaching Theology biennial conference.

Occasional Series

A new series of publication launched by the Sydney College of Divinity in 2019.

Other publications

The Press continues to publish books and other material of interest. You are invited to browse the SCD Press Shop to see the entire range of publications.

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