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Variations to Candidature

It is possible that during your postgraduate (research) study your circumstances may change, and you may need to vary your candidature as a result.

Overtime enrolment

Candidates are required to complete their thesis within the maximum time of candidature:

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) 1 year full-time / 2 years part-time
Doctor of Ministry (DMin) 3-4 years full-time / 6-8 years part-time
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 3-4 years full-time / 6-8 years part-time
Doctor of Theology (ThD) 3-4 years full-time / 6-8 years part-time

If you are unable to complete your thesis within the maximum time of candidature, you need to apply for an extension of your candidature.

Changing between full-time and part-time

You can change from full-time to part-time candidature (or vice versa). You will need to speak to the Registrar at the Sydney College of Divinity and make the change at least two weeks before the census date of the term when your enrolment status will change.

Program Transfer

A candidate enrolled in the MPhil may apply for transfer to ThD candidature, using the Application to Transfer to a Different Research Degree, following satisfactory completion of 20,000 words of the thesis under the direction of the approved principal supervisor and associate supervisor; a record of having met MPhil regulations; and demonstration that the research is of a sufficient scope and depth to sustain a doctoral thesis. The application should be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the principal supervisor.

For international candidates on a student visa, a new e-COE will be issued once the transfer is approved. It is your responsibility to check with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on the requirements for your visa once this is issued.

Supervisory Changes

It may become necessary to change the supervisory arrangements for your candidature. All requests for supervisory changes are assessed on a case by case basis, and all new supervisors must meet the research active eligibility requirements for supervisors as defined in the Research Active Policy.

Withdrawal from a Research Degree

If you no longer wish to complete your research degree, or your circumstances are such that you require time off but are unable to anticipate when you will be able to resume your candidature, you should seek to withdraw from your candidature.

Candidates who have previously withdrawn are eligible to apply for re-admission should their circumstances change; these applications are considered by the Research Committee on a case by case basis.

 Discontinuation and enrolment

All candidates are required to re-enrol at the start of every year in order to continue their candidature.

If you fail to re-enrol, your candidature will be regarded as having lapsed and this may result in your candidature being discontinued.

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