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Grievance Procedures

The Sydney College of Divinity has in place a set of grievance procedures which cover academic and non-academic aspects of candidature in the research programs of the College.

What is a Grievance?

A grievance is a written statement of concern, or complaint, presented to a person in authority within SCD or one of its teaching bodies that requires an action or a response from the institution concerned. A grievance may relate to any situation or process affecting the student, whether academic or non-academic, and may be against a person or persons within any teaching body or SCD itself.

Students are encouraged, wherever possible, to make reasonable attempts to resolve the grievance with the concerned person(s) and/or through discussion with the supervisor(s) and the Research Director, before entering into formal grievance procedures. In the Office of the Dean, the SCD Academic Registrar is available to offer general advice.

A candidate may lodge their grievance initially with the Sydney College of Divinity.

Grievances regarding postgraduate research student supervision, progress, candidature, and examination

These grievances refer to:

    • unsatisfactory supervision;
    • disputes relating to satisfactory student progress;
    • issues relating to candidature, including final extension; and
    • the outcome of thesis examination.

For the complete policy and procedures look up the Student Grievance Policy and Procedures  and the Student Grievance Flowchart.


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