Research Ethos

A Vibrant Research Culture

When SCD received self-accrediting status in 2016, the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency praised our strong research ethos, noting our ‘history of sustained scholarship’, which ‘impacts positively on teaching’, and our ‘active scholarly community’, which exists in a ‘supportive, collaborative environment’.

Today, research is pursued in two contexts:

For an overview of our approach to research see our  Research Policy.

Conferences & Public Lectures

Each year since 2013 SCD has held a research conference. The conferences have covered areas such as theological education, public theology, and biblical, exegetical, and historical studies. They have attracted internationally known scholars as keynote speakers, and conference proceedings have been published from each conference so far. Some of SCD’s Member Institutions and the Korean School of Theology have also held research conferences of note.

Guest academics present new research for the general public and scholars each year at the SCD Annual Lecture and at the Special Lecture. SCD Annual Lecture is held on an evening in the first semester each year.  The SCD Special Lecture is held on an evening of second semester each year.

Centre for Gospels & Acts Research

The SCD Centre for Gospels and Acts Research promotes research into the four Gospels and, due to the connections with Luke, the Book of Acts.  It seeks to foster better understanding of these foundational documents of historical Christianity,  and encourages research from a variety of methodological perspectives, including historical, archaeological, theological, exegetical, literary, sociological, feminist, and text-critical approaches. Find out more here.

SCD Press

The SCD Press is expanding in exciting new directions. In addition to publishing the Journal of Theological Reflections and the Journal of Gospels and Acts Research,  SCD Press now publishes the Early Christian Studies Series.  Find out more here.

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