Wondering About God Together, Edited by Les Ball and Peter G Bolt



This volume presents the papers from the biennial SCD Learning and Teaching Theology Conference held in 2017. It addresses the theme of research-led teaching.

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1 Wondering about God: The Conversation Continues. Les Ball ix

Part 1: The Role of Research in Theological Education

2 Remembering the Future: The Contribution of Historical Research to Innovation in Theological Education. Andrew Dutney 1

3 Reflections on the Practice of Research-Led Teaching in a Small College Context. Willis Salier 19

4 Moving from Instruction to Inquiry: How Complexity Theory Informs Work-Integrated Learning. Stephen Smith 35

5 Reflections on the Experience of Wonder in Research-Led Learning—in Company with Nietzsche and Girard. Nikolai Blaskow 52

6 ‘Unite the Pair So Long Disjoined, Knowledge and Vital Piety’: What is the Role of Research in This Process? David McEwan 71

7 Researching the Future: the Implications of Activist Research for Theological Scholarship in Teaching and Learning. Steve Taylor and Rosemary Dewerse 87

Part 2: The Telos of Theological Education

8 ‘To Take You Where You Do Not Wish To Go’: Extending the Telos of Online Theological Education —The ‘Who’ of the Teacher Who Teaches. Peter Mudge and Dan Fleming 106

9 ‘To Take You Where You Do Not Wish To Go’: Extending the Telos of Online Theological Education—The ‘What’ of the Institution That Teaches. Peter Mudge and Dan Fleming 123

10 Vision for The Good Life. Bruce Hulme 140

11 Education, Ministry and the New Covenant. Peter Carblis 162

Part 3: Academic Freedom in Theological Education

12 Academic Freedom in the Thought-Policed University: Challenges for Christian Educators Today. Barry Spurr 189

13 Exploring the Nexus between Academic Freedom and Ecclesial Expectations. Dean Smith and Rob Fringer 203

14 The Perils of Academic Freedom: the Australian College of Theology as an Australian University of Specialisation. Geoff Treloar 220

Part 4: Pedagogical Approaches to Deep Learning

15 Windows, Mirrors and Icons as Ways into the Context, Content and Call of Sacred Narratives. Debra Snoddy 237

16 In My Father’s House: the Place of Wonder in Proverbs’ Vision of Education. A. J. Culp 254

17 Text and Interpretation: from Classical Music to Biblical Studies. Sarah Hart 270

18 The Pedagogy of Biblical Fiction: Where Research and Creativity Collide. Ben Chenoweth 284

19 Is the God of the Bible an Ugly Bully? Helping Bible Students Come to Terms with Violence in the Biblical Text. Andrew Jaensch 303

20 An Approach for Deep Theological Learning in Research Methodologies. Denise Goodwin 317

21 The Relational Teacher: Sharing Life as Vocational Essence. Darren Cronshaw 338

22 Deep Learning from a Shallow Surface? Encouraging Good Research in the Internet Age. Peter Bolt 352

23 Making Good Practice Affordable: Understanding your Students with Learning Analytics. Martin Olmos 373

24 Theological Education in Context: Exploring the Delivery of Theological Education in a Multi-Cultural Setting. Bruce Allder 393

25 Integrating Theology in a Questioning Age. Les Ball 410

26 Curiosity and Doubt in Researching the Future: The Contribution of Flipped Learning to Sociality in Theological Innovation. Steve Taylor and Rosemary Dewerse 426

Epilogue Peter Bolt 453

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