The Impact of Jesus of Nazareth: Historical, Theological and Pastoral Perspectives


Despite his relatively short life and his tragic death, Jesus of Nazareth made a profound impact upon the first-century Graeco-Roman world. Almost immediately after he died, the ‘good news’ about him was first announced, only to spread like a tidal wave across that world, before eventually transforming it almost entirely. As that impact continued, the new-found freedoms discovered in the risen Son and proclaimed to Jew and Gentile alike, took concrete shape in the freedoms at the core of Western Civilization. Wherever his heritage is celebrated and remembered, Jesus of Nazareth continues to make an impact.


Paperback 368 pages
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CGAR Series No 1
Historical and Theological Studies Volume 1

The essays in this volume arose from the Sydney College of Divinity conference on the Historical Jesus, held in conjunction with the Catholic Institute of Sydney in September 2017. These volumes are the first in a new series of publications from the Centre for Gospels and Acts Research, which was launched at the same conference.


Historical and Theological Studies

  1. Darrell Bock, What Got Jesus into Trouble? Understanding the Significance of Jesus’ Ministry by Looking at Its Jewish Context: Part One— The Irritant Events
  2. John Davies, Nonverbal Responses to Jesus in the Gospels
  3. Aaron Chidgzey, Transcending Categories: The Impact of the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth
  4. Peter Bolt, Synoptic Comparison & Oral History: A South Pacific Analogy
  5. James Harrison, The Historical Jesus as Social Critic: A Comparison of ‘Q’ Traditions (Matt 5:43-48; Lk 6:27-36)
  6. Robert Tilley, Usury and the Interpretation of the Sacred Text


  1. Wendy Turnour, The Hermeneutical Significance of the ‘Double Love Commandments’ in Matthew’s Gospel
  2. Chris Booth, The Now and Not Yet of Seeing Jesus of Reading Matthew’s Gospel as Narrative


  1. Alan Cadwallader, Sometimes One Word Makes a World of Difference: A Return to the Origins of Mark’s Gospel (Mark 1:38)


  1. Francis Moloney, The Fourth Gospel and the Beginnings of Jesus’ Ministry
  2. Lyn Kidson, The Woman at the Well, Jesus,and Prejudice in Samaria (John 4:3–43)
  3. Debra Snoddy, Johannine Altruism: A Biblical Tonic for the Randian Plague
  4. Chris Seglenieks, The Johannine Messiah and the Isaianic Servant: Identity and Response
  5. Willis (Bill) Salier & Benjamin Ho, John:The Gospel of Unbelief



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