Romans and the Legacy of St Paul: Historical, Theological, and Social Perspectives by Peter G Bolt (Ed), James R Harrison (Ed)



Paperback: 578 pages
Publisher: Sydney College of Divinity (9 December 2019)
ISBN-10: 1925730115
ISBN: 978-1925730111

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Chapter 1: James R. Harrison, Romans and the Western Intellectual Tradition: From Church to Society and Back Again

PART 1. On First Hearing Romans Read Aloud in Neronian Rome: Theological and Historical Reverberations

Chapter 2: Brendan Byrne, SJ, The Apocalyptic Motif of the Last Judgement: The Essential Horizon of Paul’s Argument in Romans; Chapter 3: Brendan Byrne, SJ, Justification and Last Judgment in Romans: The Place of Chapters 5–8; Chapter 4: Mark Reasoner, Paul’s Letter against the Roman Gods; Chapter 5: Mark Reasoner, Hope against Hope in Paul’s Scriptures and in Rome.

PART 2. Romans and the Challenge of Exegesis: Reading and Being Read by the Epistle

Chapter 6: Stephen Gilmour, Justification from Sin: An Examination of Romans 6:7; Chapter 7: David Hughes, The Love Tax: Paul’s Neighbourliness in Romans 13:1–7; Chapter 8: Peter Orr, The Intercession of Christ in Romans 8:34; Chapter 9: Murray Smith, God’s Righteousness, Christ’s Faithfulness and ‘Justification by Faith Alone’; Chapter 10: Stephen Spence, Personal Obedience (and Sin) in the New Age of Faith: Rehearing Romans 14:23b.

PART 3. Romans and the Challenge of Theology: From Text to Society

Chapter 11: Louise Gosbell, A Disability Reading of Paul’s Use of the ‘Body of Christ’ Metaphor in Romans 12:3–8 and 1 Corinthians 12:12–31; Chapter 12: James R. Harrison, Paul’s Legacy in Romans and the Confession Inscriptions of Asia Minor: The Difficulty of Moving Beyond Divine Justice to Mercy in Antiquity.

PART 4. Ancient Epistles and the Puzzling Particularity of Romans

Chapter 13: Peter Bolt, Untangling the Pauline Handshakes: Who is Greeting Whom in Romans 16?; Chapter 14: Alan Cadwallader, Phoebe in and around Romans: The Weight of Marginal Reception.

PART 5. The Theological, Social and Philosophical Legacy of Romans: From Augustine to Agamben

Chapter 15: Peter G. Bolt, James R. Harrison and Peter Laughlin, The Legacy of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans: From Augustine to Agamben; Chapter 16: Jin Heung Kim, Locus on Justification in Vermigli’s Commentary on Romans.

PART 6. A Personal Reflection on the Legacy of Romans

Chapter 17: Michele Connolly, On First Looking into Paul’s Romans and Why Roman Catholics Need to Do It More

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