Romans and the Legacy of St Paul: Historical, Theological, and Social Perspectives by Peter G Bolt (Ed), James R Harrison (Ed)


This book, arising from the papers delivered at 2016 Sydney College of Divinity Annual Conference, explores in an ecumenical context the legacy of Romans from a variety of perspectives (ecumenical, historical, exegetical, social, and philosophical).

This volume of essays draws together Australian and American scholars from Catholic and Protestant faith traditions in a tribute to the enduring impact of the epistle to the Romans in the lives of believers and in the western intellectual tradition more generally. The breadth of treatment here of the major themes of Romans in diverse contexts across the ages highlights for the reader the real difference that the epistle to the Romans has made to our civilisation and, consequently, its indelible legacy.


Paperback: 578 pages
Publisher: Sydney College of Divinity (9 December 2019)
ISBN-10: 1925730115
ISBN: 978-1925730111

Authors of the book can contact the Sydney College of Divinity office as an author’s discount is available. 



Chapter 1: James R. Harrison, Romans and the Western Intellectual Tradition: From Church to Society and Back Again

PART 1. On First Hearing Romans Read Aloud in Neronian Rome: Theological and Historical Reverberations

Chapter 2: Brendan Byrne, SJ, The Apocalyptic Motif of the Last Judgement: The Essential Horizon of Paul’s Argument in Romans; Chapter 3: Brendan Byrne, SJ, Justification and Last Judgment in Romans: The Place of Chapters 5–8; Chapter 4: Mark Reasoner, Paul’s Letter against the Roman Gods; Chapter 5: Mark Reasoner, Hope against Hope in Paul’s Scriptures and in Rome.

PART 2. Romans and the Challenge of Exegesis: Reading and Being Read by the Epistle

Chapter 6: Stephen Gilmour, Justification from Sin: An Examination of Romans 6:7; Chapter 7: David Hughes, The Love Tax: Paul’s Neighbourliness in Romans 13:1–7; Chapter 8: Peter Orr, The Intercession of Christ in Romans 8:34; Chapter 9: Murray Smith, God’s Righteousness, Christ’s Faithfulness and ‘Justification by Faith Alone’; Chapter 10: Stephen Spence, Personal Obedience (and Sin) in the New Age of Faith: Rehearing Romans 14:23b.

PART 3. Romans and the Challenge of Theology: From Text to Society

Chapter 11: Louise Gosbell, A Disability Reading of Paul’s Use of the ‘Body of Christ’ Metaphor in Romans 12:3–8 and 1 Corinthians 12:12–31; Chapter 12: James R. Harrison, Paul’s Legacy in Romans and the Confession Inscriptions of Asia Minor: The Difficulty of Moving Beyond Divine Justice to Mercy in Antiquity.

PART 4. Ancient Epistles and the Puzzling Particularity of Romans

Chapter 13: Peter Bolt, Untangling the Pauline Handshakes: Who is Greeting Whom in Romans 16?; Chapter 14: Alan Cadwallader, Phoebe in and around Romans: The Weight of Marginal Reception.

PART 5. The Theological, Social and Philosophical Legacy of Romans: From Augustine to Agamben

Chapter 15: Peter G. Bolt, James R. Harrison and Peter Laughlin, The Legacy of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans: From Augustine to Agamben; Chapter 16: Jin Heung Kim, Locus on Justification in Vermigli’s Commentary on Romans.

PART 6. A Personal Reflection on the Legacy of Romans

Chapter 17: Michele Connolly, On First Looking into Paul’s Romans and Why Roman Catholics Need to Do It More

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