Learning to be Learners: a mathegenical approach to theological education


Learning to be Learners flows out of, and builds on, a graduate course of teacher education for theological lecturers. It is intentionally designed for practising theological teachers who have had little or no formal education in teaching, as a tool to be used as a professional development base for theological faculties who wish to develop their committed and competent teaching staff to a higher and more professional level of educational expertise. It offers a strategic approach to integrative learning, expressed creatively as ‘a mathegenical approach’, which focuses not so much on theological content or persons, but on learning processes, in whatever form they may be constructed. Its goal is to produce life-long, passionate, and capable learners equipped not with all requisite knowledge and skills but with an inherent capacity to acquire and to apply new knowledge and new skills as future needs in as yet unknown contexts will surely arise. The prevailing ethos of this book is the need for a cohesive approach that holds the inculturation of a theologically informed world view, the scaffolded architecture of curriculum design, and learner-developing pedagogical practices in a symbiotic unity at all points of any award.


Author: Les Ball

©2022, 219 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1-925730-31-9

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