Journal of Theological Reflections, Vol 3, December 2017 (Korean language publication)



Honam Kim, A Study on the Unity of the Pentateuch through Studying Hebrew Poetries in Genesis 1-11; Bok Young Jang, Text, Context, Dilemma – Dilemma of Text Two Contexts; Sehyun Kim, Jesus as ‘Good Man’ in the Gospel of John; Jae In Yu, A Study on the Comparison of the Doctrine of the Word on the Basis of the Doctrine of God in Calvin and Barth; Jin Heung Kim, Reformed Doctrine of Justification by Peter Martyr Vermigli; Min Suk Shim, Porphyrius’ Criticism of Christianity; Yong Tai In, The Task of the Immigrant Church from the Perspective of Public Theology (Focusing on the Korean Immigrant Church in Australia); Yang Wook Kim, The Purpose of Mission Welfare Work and its Application to Trends within Modern Society; Won Il Jung, A Study of Contemporary Australian Jewish Identity and Strategies of Contextualisation.

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