Journal of Theological Reflections, Vol 2, September 2016 (Korean/English publication)


Honam Kim, A Study on the Psalm 1: exegesis and its literary techniques; Sang Jin Lee, The Responsibility of Christianity for the Ecological Crisis and Creation-centred Bible Reading; Young Jang, A Approach to the Identity and Attributes of the Beast revealed in chapters 13 and 17 of the Revelation of John; Jin Heung Kim, ‘The Unity of Church according to the Word of God’: a short article on the View of the Church in terms of Augustine, Calvin, and the Reformed Tradition; Do Kyun Ha, Research on Establishing Effective Multicultural Churches and Evangelization in a Multicultural Society; Barnabas Joo, The Nature and Characteristics of Calvin’s Piety; Jae In Yu, A Biblical Evaluation of Integration Models; Hyung Guen Sim, Wisdom Psalms? or Wisdom Psalter?; Jong Soo Park, The Influence of Ethnic church on the Identity Formation of Second-Generation Young People in Australia: a Case Study of Second-Generation Korean-Australian Adolescents; Hanna Hyun, Acts 3:11-26: The Fulfillment of God’s Covenant through the Messiah, Jesus Christ, and its Significance in Ahmadi Muslim Context.

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