Journal of Gospels and Acts Research, Vol 1, September 2017, Edited by Peter G Bolt



ISBN: 978 1 925730 00 5

Editorial: A New Journal and a New Centre for Gospels Research; Frank J Moloney, An Ending and a New Beginning – a study of Mark 11:1-25; Darrell L Bock, A Note on the Gospels’ Jesus Tradition, Memory, and Issues Raised by Bart Ehrman; Peter G Bolt, Preparing Israel for the Arrival of the Son of Man – Jesus’ Kingship Parable (Luke 19:11-128) in its Historical and Literary Context; James R Harrison, Jesus and the Grace of the Cross – Luke 23:34a and the Politics of ‘Forgiveness’ in Antiquity; Debra Snoddy, Interpreting the Holy One of God in John 6:69 – a Tradition-critical Analysis; Sehyun Kim, Thesis summary – the Kingship of Jesus in the Gospel of John.

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