God’s Exemplary Graduates: Character-Oriented Graduate Attributes in Theological Education by P G Bolt & P Laughlin (eds.)



As a fruit of the 2019 SCD Learning and Teaching Conference, the essays within this volume ably demonstrate the heart, soul and passion that theological educators have for forming students within their care to be God’s Exemplary Graduates. The many suggestions and reflections within will no doubt prove helpful to current faculty and teaching practitioners but, it is hoped, they will also prepare the way for further discussion and experimentation around the formation of graduates into the future.





God’s Exemplary Graduates: Character-Oriented Graduate Attributes in Theological Education
Peter G. Bolt and Peter Laughlin (Editors)
(2019 SCD Learning and Teaching Theology Conference publications)

Paperback: 483 pages
Publisher: SCD Press (Sydney College of Divinity)
ISBN-13: 978-1-925730-21-0 (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-1-925730-22-7 (E-book)


1 God’s Exemplary Graduates Peter Laughlin
PART 1 Towards God’s Exemplary Graduates
2 Student Formation in Tertiary Education Bill Salier
3 ‘Integration’ in the Ancient World  David Wright
4 Educating for Eternity Peter G. Bolt
5 Fit for Purpose Neil Holm
6 Graduate Attributes in the Australian College of Theology Geoffrey R. Treloar
7 Graduate Attributes and Theological Education James Dalziel
8 Graduate Attributes for Roman Catholic Seminaries Debra Snoddy
PART 2 Scripture and Graduate Character 
9 Appreciating the Creative Artistry of the Hebrew Text Laurence Woods
10 Psalms and Popular Songs  Sarah L Hart
11 Character and Pedagogy in the Book of Proverbs  Andrew Errington
12 The Power of Persuasion Claire Smith
13 Graduate Attributes and the New Covenant Peter Carblis
 PART 3 Teaching for Graduate Development: Pedagogical Principles
14 Religious Higher Education at the Crossroads Trevor Cairney
15 Religious Freedom and the Theological Academy  Neil Foster
16 The Role of Curriculum in Developing Character-Oriented Graduate Attributes with an Illustration from Church History  Les Ball
17 The Virtues of Religious History Michael Gladwin
18 ‘But Only One Thing is Necessary’ Peter Mudge
PART 4 Teaching for Graduate Development: Practical Considerations
19 Facilitating Student Formation in Tertiary Education  Bill Salier
20 Educating for the Kingdom  James Pietsch
21 God’s Exemplary Graduates in Times of Ecological Crisis Sebastian Salaske-Lentern
22 Language Learning in Theological Education Constantine R. Campbell
23 Designing Effective Fieldwork Experiences Peter Laughlin
24 Cults in the Classroom Bernard Doherty
PART 4 Implications for the Pastoral Graduate
25 Private Study, Social Learning, and Embodied Practice David B. McEwan
26 Unbounding Learning Communities Steve Taylor, Rosemary Dewerse
27 Should Ministers be Graduates Anyway? Dennis Nutt
Theologically-Shaped Character in an Increasingly Polarized Environment Peter G. Bolt



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