Early Christian Studies Series Vol 12: “I Sowed Fruits into Hearts” (Odes Sol. 17:13) Festschrift for Professor Michael Lattke, Edited by Pauline Allen, Majella Franzmann, and Rick Strelan



vol. 12 (2007), xx + 250pp,

ISBN 978 0 975 2138 6 5

The title of this collection of essays summarizes the scholarly work

of Michael Lattke across two hemispheres. Offered to him on his retirement from the University of Queensland, this volume reflects the breadth of erudition for which he has acquired his international reputation. The Odes of Solomon are well represented here and so too is the Gospel of John. However, this book ranges further — to other New Testament writings, Intertestamental works, Nag Hammadi, Gnostic, and Syriac studies, and the field of Patristics.

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