Early Christian Studies Series Vol 10: The Apostolic Church Order, Alistair C. Stewart


The Apostolic Church Order is the name most commonly given to a pseudonymous document claiming to be the work of the apostles, found in most canonical collections, which sets out the manner in which a church should be organised.

The document is of historical interest particularly because of the light which it sheds on the development of church order and most especially on the role of women in the ministries of early Christian communities. This church order is a polemical discourse employing apostolic precept to downgrade the role and influence of women in the church’s ministry, subordinating female ministers to a male presbyterate.


The Apostolic Church Order: The Greek text edited and translated with an introduction and notes Revised Edition
(Early Christian Studies, Vol 10)
By Alistair C. Stewart
©2006, 2021, 209 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1-925730-27-2 (paperback)


  • The two-ways section
  • The epistolary opening and apostle list
  • The sources and redaction of the church-order of K
  • The extent of K’s editorial work
  • K among the church orders
  • Text, textual commentary, and annotated translation

About the Author

Alistair C Stewart is an Anglican priest serving in England. His research into Christian liturgical origins has led him to study the church orders as fundamental primary texts.

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