Transfer Between Registered Providers Policy

Last Updated 5 June, 2019

As the receiving provider:

The Sydney College of Divinity and its Member Institutions do not knowingly enrol overseas students wishing to transfer from another registered provider’s course prior to the overseas student completing 6 months of their principal course of study except in certain circumstances. These circumstances include:

  • The overseas student obtains a release from their registered provider OR
  • The releasing registered provider or the course being offered to the overseas student has ceased to be registered OR
  • The releasing registered provider has had ESOS sanctions imposed on its registration OR
  • Any government sponsor of the overseas student considers the change to be in the overseas student’s best interest and has provided written support for the change.

After completing 6 months of the principal course an overseas student can transfer without meeting one of these conditions.

As the releasing provider:

If a student has completed less than six months of study with the SCD in their principal course, the SCD will release the overseas student provided that:

  • The overseas student lodges a written request to transfer and includes a letter of offer from another registered provider. A copy of these documents to be kept as part of the student record.

The circumstances in which the SCD will grant the transfer request because the transfer is in the student’s best interests include:

  • The overseas student is unable to achieve satisfactory course progress at the level they are studying even after engaging in an intervention strategy and stand to be reported. Evidence to be provided and kept. OR:
  • There is evidence of compassionate or compelling circumstances. These circumstances are beyond the student’s control and have an impact on the overseas student’s course progress or wellbeing. Such circumstances might include:
    • Serious illness or injury (medical certificates)
    • Bereavement of close family members (possibly a death certificate)
    • Major political upheaval or natural disaster in home country
    • A traumatic experience
    • The SCD and its Member Institutions are unable to provide the pre-requisite units
    • Inability to commence study on the commencement date due to visa delays
  • The SCD fails to deliver the course as outlined in the written agreement between the student and the registered provider. OR:
  • There is evidence that the overseas student’s reasonable expectations about their current course are not being met. OR:
  • The overseas student was misled by the SCD regarding the SCD or its course and the course has, therefore, been unsuitable to the student’s needs and/or study objectives. OR:
  • an appeal (internal or external) on another matter results in a decision or recommendation to release the overseas student.

The overseas student will be advised of the outcome of the transfer request within 10 working days.

If a release is granted, it is recommended that the student seeks advice from the DHA as to whether a new student visa is required.

The granting of a release is provided at no cost to the student.

If the conditions above are not met, or the overseas student has not genuinely engaged in an intervention strategy, or it is considered that granting a release is detrimental to the student’s best interest, the SCD will refuse to approve the release. In this case the student will be given a letter setting out the reason for such refusal and informing the student of his or her right to appeal the SCD’s decision, in accordance with Standard 10 of the National Code 2018.

Transfer request outcomes must be recorded in PRISMS. The record in PRISMS is not to be finalised until:

  • Any appeal against the refusal lodged by the overseas student is finalised OR
  • The overseas student does not access the complaints and appeals process within 20 working days of being notified of the refusal OR
  • The overseas student withdraws their appeal against the refusal.

The SCD will maintain records, for 2 years after a student graduates or ceases to be an accepted student, of all requests from students for release, and the assessment of, and decision regarding, the request will be kept in the student file.

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