Student Support and Welfare Policy

Last Updated 7 January, 2019

This revision of the Student Support and Welfare Policy pays attention to the 2015 revision of the Higher Education Standards and the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018.

In recent years, as well as ensuring the ongoing development and review of student policy and procedure, SCD has:

  • instituted a Student Plan as part of its ongoing Strategic Plan: this brings together under one comprehensive and cohesive heading the full range of issues concerned with student support and welfare and associated policies and procedures, identifying key issues for maintenance and ongoing development;
  • extended the title and terms of reference of the old Student Administration Committee as the Student Support and Administration Committee: this operates across a wider area and again highlights the prominence of student support and welfare in SCD operational concerns;
  • introduced a Student Support Form as a device for periodic reporting of student support measures by the SCD teaching bodies to the Student Support and Administration Committee: this enables the Committee to monitor the situation for appropriate quality; and
  • significantly revised and periodically updated the Student Grievance Policy: this provides detailed guidance and includes the provision of Grievance Handlers and Student Advocacy Officers.

The Points of Policy set out below indicate SCD’s acknowledgement of its responsibility to students and the list of Key Related Documents indicates where particular matters are addressed. For further information, students should consult the appointed student advisors in their respective teaching body or the SCD Academic Registrar based in the Office of the Dean.


  1. SCD will oversee the appropriate, equivalent support and welfare of all students enrolled in its academic programs, whether in the SCD Korean School of Theology and SCD Graduate Research School or in any of its third-party entities, and at all campuses of all teaching bodies.
  2. Specific care and consideration is given to the recruitment, admission, participation and completion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  3. SCD will ensure quality support of its students in respect both of the delivery of academic programs and of provisions for the students’ general welfare, as set out below.

For the delivery of academic programs, in line with the Higher Education Standards:

  1. SCD will monitor accounts of SCD awards and related matters, including costs and refunds, on all associated websites, printed materials, and any other forms of publication to ensure accuracy, clarity, and lawfulness in accordance with SCD policy on communication and advertising.
  2. Prior to enrolment and throughout their studies, SCD will ensure that its students are adequately informed about their relationship with SCD in respect of the rights and obligations of both SCD and the student.
  3. All students are advised of the actions they can take, the staff they may contact and the support services (e.g. emergency services, health services, counselling, legal services, advocacy and welfare services) that are accessible if their personal circumstances are having an adverse effect on their education.
  4. SCD will use standard admission criteria with a standard, non-discriminatory application for admission form across the SCD.
  5. SCD will apply clear and appropriate policies and procedures for granting credit and recognizing prior learning.
  6. SCD will provide approved Tuition Assurance in the event that either the SCD itself or a member institution ceases operations and will provide relevant information to students in this regard.
  7. SCD will pursue best practice in learning and teaching support, including:
    1. satisfactory facilities and resources for both face-to-face and online delivery;
    2. effective support arrangements for students with disabilities;
    3. appropriately trained and accredited teachers and research-active supervisors;
    4. insistence on free intellectual inquiry;
    5. appropriate provision of library and other learning resources including IT assistance;
    6. assistance with study skills;
    7. assistance with English proficiency;
    8. provision for student feedback and staff response;
    9. staff availability for consultation;
    10. timely identification of students at academic risk and provision of suitable assistance;
    11. consistency of assessment in line with assessment policy, taking account of predicated learning outcomes;
    12. prompt response to queries and return of results;
    13. provision for appeals;
    14. provision for addressing academic misconduct, in fairness to all students;
    15. satisfactory grievance processing in line with SCD policy;
    16. satisfactory record-keeping to safeguard student records;
    17. appropriate special consideration in circumstances of student illness or misadventure.

For the general welfare of its students, in line with the Higher Education Standards:

  1. SCD will ensure observation of Government regulations for delivery sites, including Workplace, Health and Safety matters.
  2. SCD will ensure provision of adequate learning and leisure spaces with appropriate equipment.
  3. SCD will ensure that there are adequate security arrangements for all its locations and that appropriate advice is offered to students regarding personal safety; campus safety guidelines will be publicized and supported across SCD early in 2019.
  4. SCD will maintain and communicate procedures to address critical incidents at delivery sites, including accident, illness, catastrophe, or attack.
  5. SCD will promote a safe and inclusive culture with regard to relationships with staff and other students.
  6. SCD will oversee the provision of counselling and relevant chaplaincy services, and will encourage relevant and viable provision of such other services as may assist students in regard to health, social services, legal advice, and general living.
  7. SCD will ensure provision of appropriate services to assist and support overseas students.
  8. The Dean or the Dean’s representative will make periodic visits to all campuses, during Institutional Moderations or on other occasions, to identify and address issues and exchange views with staff and students.


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