Library Policy

Last Updated 23 May, 2018

  1. The SCD Library is the sum total of the libraries within each Teaching Body. The SCD Library and associated activities are coordinated by the Principal Librarian, who is appointed by the Academic Board on the basis of suitable qualifications from amongst the Librarians of the Teaching Body libraries.
  2. The SCD expects that its Teaching Bodies will employ sufficient research-trained teaching staff to deliver the SCD programs of study for which they are accredited and supports the concept of research-led teaching in Higher Education.
  3. To maintain a high academic standard of qualification and practice amongst its academic faculty, the SCD requires that all its academic staff and library staff should participate in appropriate professional development programs and have adequate access to library resources within the SCD and further afield to support this activity. The library manager, in line with ANZTLA Standards (2.1.2), is considered a member of the teaching faculty for purposes of reporting to and advising the faculty.
  4. The SCD will ensure that appropriate library and other learning resources are available to all SCD students to enable them to complete their programs of study satisfactorily and to become aware of the range of the disciplines concerned.
  5. The SCD will ensure that all SCD students have access to the libraries of both the Teaching Body through which they are enrolled and also the other Teaching Bodies, through shared physical or electronic access or interlibrary loan, as appropriate.
  6. The SCD will supply appropriate letters of introduction for teaching staff and students to non- SCD libraries.
  7. The SCD will establish and maintain a common portal for Teaching Body library catalogues.
  8. The SCD encourages shared purchases of books, journals, and electronic databases where appropriate across the SCD libraries.
  9. The SCD will require and process reports from its Teaching Bodies on the state of their libraries and their acquisitions as part of the Institutional Academic Moderations and Discipline Moderations, in accordance with the Procedures of each.
  10. The SCD requires the appointment of suitably qualified library staff across its Teaching Bodies. Any librarian appointed by a Teaching Body of the College is expected have the qualifications necessary for that person to be eligible for membership of ALIA/LIANZA as a professional librarian or a paraprofessional.
  11. The SCD encourages each Teaching Body to be an institutional member of ALIA/LIANZA and ANZTLA.


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