Appeals Procedures

Last Updated 29 January, 2019


 A student may appeal against the result given in any item of assessment when that student believes that some error in grading has been made or when there are concerns about the grade awarded.

In the first instance the student shall raise this matter with the lecturer concerned. After this informal dialogue, if the student still believes there are grounds to appeal, the student may formally appeal to the Academic Board of their Member Institution.

Where a student believes that the review procedures in the Member Institution have not been followed with regard to an appeal against a failed final grade, the student may appeal to the Academic Board of the College;

  1. this is the only ground on which an appeal can be made to the Academic Board;
  2. the appeal must be submitted in writing to the Dean within ten working days of receipt of the determinative outcome of the appeal from the Member Institution;
  3. the student must provide the Dean with documented evidence that the regulations on Review and Appeals have not been complied with by the Member Institution;
  4. the Academic Board will deal with the appeal at its discretion;
  5. the decision of the Academic Board will be final.


Research degree candidates may appeal against a decision of the Academic Board:

  1. to terminate candidature;
  2. not to award the degree;
  3. not to allow re-submission.

A candidate may appeal on the grounds of:

  1. procedural irregularities;
  2. evidence of prejudice or bias.

The research degree program appeals process shall operate according to the following rules:

  1. a candidate shall notify an appeal in writing to the Dean of the College within 30 days of notification of the decision which is the subject of the appeal;
  2. on receipt of an appeal the Dean shall refer the matter to the Standing Committee of Council;
  3. on receipt of a formal notification of an appeal, the Standing Committee of Council shall establish an ad hoc Research Postgraduate Appeals Committee which shall:
    1. comprise:
      1. an independent chairperson, being a member of the College Council;
      2. the chairperson of the Academic Board;
      3. the Dean of the College;
      4. a postgraduate candidate.
    2. determine and report to the College Council on appeals by research degree candidates against a decision of the Academic Board:
      1. to terminate candidature;
      2. not to award the degree;
      3. not to allow re-submission.
  4. the Appeals Committee shall meet within 21 days of having been appointed;
  5. the appellant shall have the right to present to the Appeals Committee any material deemed relevant to the appeal;
  6. the appellant may also exercise an option to appear before the committee in which case
    1. the appellant may be accompanied by an advisor whose function shall be to support the appellant;
    2. the advisor shall not be permitted to act as advocate or spokesman;
  7. the decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final and shall be reported to the next meeting of the College Council.
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